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• Mime (many looks), and workshops in Mime                            
• Face and Body Painting, and Temporary Tattoos
• Glitter Tattoos (last 3-7 days)
• Whimsical Balloon Sculptures
• Custom, theatrical "Psychic-gram" presentations by Mme. Martine
• Psychic Readings: Tarot, Color Cards, I Ching (ancient Chinese oracle)
• Custom Songs                                                           
• Clowning, and workshops in Clowning   
• Dance - swing, salsa, tap, etc. - and dances from the ‘20s to today
• Living Sculpture                             
• Human Robot 
• Moving Statue
• Chinese T’ai Chi Animal Dance – Chi Gung Animal Forms

In addition, Marti also speaks French, German, and Spanish -
great for events with foreign themes or guests!

Special requests of costumes, character, or skit are welcome, since she makes her own costumes. Also, it is often possible to combine more than one skill or character in an evening, or to change characters during an event, adding variety and surprise but not extra expense!

Marti has performed for over 25 years, has toured solo and in ensembles in Europe and Asia, and holds a Masters degree in Interdisciplinary Arts.


To see samples of Marti’s Face Painting, Henna, and Glitter Tattoos, click here.



Thank you so very much for all your hard work and talent. I hope we can get you back for next year’s event. You certainly made it a best ever!


– Sarah Minor,
Meadowood, Napa Valley



Great Costumed Characters for every theme and holiday, and throughout the year:


Tap Dancing Christmas Tree  •  Elegant Elf  •  Toy Soldier
Mrs. Claus  •  Snow Queen   •  Jacqueline Frost  • Snow Sprite  •  Victorian Fortune Teller 
Charlie Chaplin  •  Court Jester 
  •  1920s Charleston Flapper  •  1930s-50s Swing Dancer
1930s Elegant French Hostess   •  T’ai Chi Dancer  •  Futuristic Space Traveller  •  Empress of China 
Cigar/Candy Gal  •  Bo Peep  •  Mother Nature  •  Pirate  •  Leprechaun  •  Wine Goddess

Lady Lollipop   •  Dancing Clock  •  and more!

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