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Join the Dance Party!!!

A lot has transpired in the world since the last blog entry here!!!!! One very fun new adventure I have had since Covid shut down the planet has been to create a weekly Zoom dance party called OpenDance. Every week has a different theme - some examples include: Motown, AfroBeat, Swing, Musicals - plus fun special playlists to celebrate different holidays. We have a very fun group of dancers. No training, fitness level, or prior experience is necessary! Dance in your pajamas, in your kitchen, with your dog or your kids! Follow me if you wish, or dance to your own beat!

"When?" "Where?" you might ask.

When is every Monday at 5:00 PM Pacific time.

Where is on the dance floor of your choice, in your home, via Zoom.

Email me for Zoom details:

While there is no charge to join, contributions are much appreciated to help cover the costs in time and money to produce each event. In addition, 10% of participants' contributions are donated to a wonderful arts organization, which changes monthly. All of us in the arts world know how crazy challenging the pandemic has been for everyone, from local choirs, to dance companies, to theatre companies, to movie theaters...the list goes on! So every little bit of support is vitally important!

Did you know that dancing is not only fun and great exercise, but it also produces our Happy Hormones - dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins - that keep us going on a positive path in our daily lives! You've got nothing to lose but the blues!

"Shall we dance?" I hope to see you soon!


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